Waste Bin (OTC)
Fabrication and Repair

We supply waste bin fabrication and repair services closely to recognized market standards.

Open-Top-Cover (OTC) Bin Fabrication

We fabricate open top cover (OTC) bins, also known as hook lift containers, and skip bins for companies according to your specifications and unique needs. This could mean using different materials in the construction of the waste bin or a modification in design that links to other pneumatic controls or in terms of usage (to contain wood shavings, metal debris, chemical wastes etc.)

We are always highly committed to create a product that is trustworthy and high in quality.

Waste Bin Repair

For customers from the waste management and logistics industries with large asset stock of waste bins, we help stretch the dollar as far as possible for our customers and provide cost savings. We engage in the reconditioning of waste bins, thus allowing every bin to be used to its fullest capacity and ability.



TNL Engineering started business in year 1990.
Since then, we have prided ourselves in responsive precision engineering alongside a range of fabrication services.

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Manifold fluid end using precision engineering


Actuator parts fabricated using precision machining techniques


Yellow Metal Fabricated Offshore Skid

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