Metal Fabrication

Our direct in-house precision engineering and fabrication capabilities
work together to offer seamless value-added engineering services.

Metal Fabrication

TNL Engineering Works Pte Ltd offer metal fabrication and structural steel fabrication services in Singapore. We also provide complementary metalworking services such as metal bending, metal shearing and sheet metal rolling services.

Our direct in-house precision engineering and metal fabrication capabilities work together to offer seamless value-added engineering services.

In addition to years of welding experience, we attained marine-class approved Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) documents that provide our welders clear guidance towards an effective weld that meets applicable code requirements and production standards. Our customers can expect good quality products with proper documentation and clear traceability.

These are some steel fabricated products TNL specializes in fabricating:

Industrial Structural Metal Fabrication

Industrial / Offshore Skids

We fabricated process skids and skids to be used in the marine and offshore industry. Our experienced technicians and welders will advise customers on the best material for an industrial access equipment based on their functionality, appearance, budget and durability.

We have a team of skilled and experienced welders bearing relevant qualifications in accordance with in-house welding procedure specification (WPS). Our welding division is ready to assist you with your metal welding jobs and inquiries.

Yellow Metal Fabricated Offshore Skid
Industrial Support Skid

Welded-Pipe Marine Sleeves

We fabricated mechanical handling accessories for large systems used to store, control or protect goods and products.

We also fabricated other products including mechanical handling equipment for offshore substructures and robust marine sleeves. These are fabricated using pipe welding techniques.

Metal Fabrication Singapore - offshore mechanical handling equipment with 6G pipe welding
Marine Welded Pipe with Flange

Industrial Crash-Frames

Crash frames provide physical protection for the assemblies when they are in transit or in use in a harsh, industrial environment.

We have fabricated heavy-duty industrial crash frames for a wide range of industries such as oil & gas, marine, automotive. Some examples include the crash fames for ultra-high pressure (UHP) water blasters and electrical hydraulic power pack.

UHP Crash Frame

Material Handling Equipment Fabrication

Steel Fabricated Cages, Carts and Trolleys

We were tasked by a major manufacturer of paper products to fabricate steel bumper carts and totes to transport paper wastes. The project also involved making improvements to an old design.

Our welders are also skilled in fabricating customizable mesh cages. These come in various sizes and materials.

We delivered the lot of handling equipment well before the required delivery date and ensured smooth operations within the plant. Above all, we are proud to say that our products are manufactured for highest performance and maximum reliability.

Mesh Cage

Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Bulk material handling refers to storage, transportation and control of materials in loose bulk form. These pieces of material handling equipment deal with the items in loose form. An example is the use of conveyor belts designed to move large quantities of material.

Similarly, we were given an opportunity to fabricate a range of material handling and storage equipment for a leading logistics and freight transport company. One of the unique items included a line of customized conveyor roller beds for goods management. We fabricated the entire system, from the accessories to the catching mechanisms, locally in Singapore.

In addition, we fabricated steel structures which were used as handling equipment for large-scale automotive equipment prior to storage and shipping.

Steel fabricated bulk material handling equipment - conveyor rollers for logistics management
Automotive Steel Structure Shelving


TNL Engineering started business in year 1990.
Since then, we have prided ourselves in responsive precision engineering alongside a range of fabrication services.

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Aluminium Fabricated Skid


Manifold fluid end using precision engineering


Actuator parts fabricated using precision machining techniques

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