Aluminum Fabrication

Our direct in-house precision engineering and fabrication capabilities
work together to offer seamless value-added engineering services.

Aluminum Fabrication

TNL Engineering Works Pte Ltd offer customized aluminum fabrication services in Singapore. We also provide complementary metalworking services such as metal bending, metal shearing and sheet metal rolling services.

Our direct in-house precision engineering and metal fabrication capabilities work together to offer seamless value-added engineering services.

To view a variety of metal fabricated products TNL had the privilege to work on, please check out metal fabrication.

The following are aluminum fabricated products TNL specializes in:

Industrial Structural Fabrication

Offshore Skids and Frames

We provided aluminum welding services for clients from the marine and offshore industries. For lightweight applications or where operating environment requires the rate of corrosion to be controlled, customers may choose to fabricate skids and frames using aluminum material.

We have a well-equipped workshop and our experienced technicians and welders at TNL have experience in aluminum fabrication.

Aluminium Fabricated Skid
Aluminium Frame

Repair, Refurbishment and Maintenance

Aluminum Diesel Tanks

We have clients from leading automotive industries inquiring for repair, refurbishment and maintenance of their vehicle accessories. One of which is the repair of aluminum diesel tanks and air tanks.

Our experienced welders provide aluminum welding services that help to repair the damaged equipment. Timely repair works aid in minimal downtime and ensure that key operations can continue to function smoothly.

Repaired Aluminum Diesel Tank


TNL Engineering started business in year 1990.
Since then, we have prided ourselves in responsive precision engineering alongside a range of fabrication services.

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Yellow Metal Fabricated Offshore Skid


Manifold fluid end using precision engineering


Actuator parts fabricated using precision machining techniques

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